Sunday, January 24, 2021

My Baby's Got a Crush on Frankenstein

     Released as a single on the Reprise Label in 1962 as well as the full length album "Up in the Air",Soupy Sales - My Baby's got a Crush on Frankenstein is a fantastic novelty song that has all you could want from a monster sing along. It's got Frankie,Dracula,Creature from The Black Lagoon,Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and A DINOSAUR??

      The song was Arranged by Jimmie Haskell and the song itself was written by Leonard Whitcup & Ted Lehrman who were renowned composers with Leonard Whitcup having a massive body of work that could fill a book by itself and won't be the only time this duo of songwriters makes it to this blog but we'll save that one for later.

       Frankenstein was no stranger to the novelty single at this time where he was seen as everything from a girlfriend thief to a dopey hopeless romantic but in this song...he's hot stuff and Soupy's girlfriend wants him bad....and Dracula...and kind of girl !

       Two versions of the 45 single being the promo copy and the one shown above which is the stock copy. The stock copy is the tougher of the two to find,especially clean,which means this one was probably a favorite among the legions of Soupy fans back in 1962. 

       Soupy Sales career was beyond extensive and he is widely regarded as a top entertainer of his day and still has a legion of fans who still love his classic body of work thru old reruns and DVD collections but for me, this is one of the finest examples of his work and one of my favorite songs of the genre.


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